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10 typical signs which will give out inability to wear a suit

Thursday, 18 December 2014 13:44

The world of male style submits to strict rules and canons which majority it is worth understanding

Suit choice, at first sight, – a quite simple task. The market offers incredible quantity of options, and in each shop there will be a two-three of the consultants ready to help in this case. But even the best fabric and high price doesn't guarantee that the suit will correctly fit. Here are some important factors which are useful for checking both before purchase of a suit, and during its wear.

One of the most problem places in a suit – a jacket collar. There can be lots of metamorphoses with collars of badly cut out jackets: they puff up, "jump up" or leaky adjoin to a shirt. And after all this is evident at once. There is only one answer to a question how the collar has to sit correctly: densely adjoining to a shirt and allowing it to look out approximately on centimeter.

The second problem place – sleeve length. It seems, already all know that cuffs of a shirt have to look out on 1-1,5 centimeters. But many people still break canons for some reason.

All buttons in a suit have to "work". In factory suits loops on sleeves are always sewn. The unbuttoned first button – a sign that the suit is made-to-order. The matter is that in a good suit all loops are always sheathed manually whereas in a finished product they are sewn on the machine for the sake of appearance.

The last rule which should be considered upon purchase of a suit, probably, one of the most important in this list – jacket length. On canons of the British school of a cut, an ideal jacket reaches the middle of a thumb. The Italian tailors sew a little well. However, do not fond too strongly: even a man, who was lucky with his height, can visually spoil the proportions if picks up a jacket of the wrong length. To make a figure disproportionately square too big shoulders of a jacket "will help" –watch this. It is also important to remember: the one who isn't confident in the height, trousers with cuffs – are categorically contraindicated.

Now some words about how to wear a suit correctly.

The lower button of a jacket has to be an unbuttoned always. This is a rule of etiquette, and here does not exist exceptions. The same concerns the last button of a vest, if it is about a three-piece suit.

One more stumbling block – length of trousers. There has to be one fold. If trousers fit exactly, without uniform fold, – they are short. You will convince of it at once when you decide to sit down. But too strongly you shouldn't be fond of folds: they will visually truncate feet and in general the suit will look inaccurately.

Such trifle as socks can also spoil integrity of an image. In classical style sock always has to coincide in tone with trousers. And the speech is not only about relevance: the contrast sock will distort proportions, and feet will seem short.

Tie length – too very important point. The tie has to reach a buckle of a belt and in any way differently: exceptions don't exist here. "Tail" of a tie shouldn't be visible. However now you shouldn't fix it with "hairpin", it isn't actual many years. It is necessary to tell that the tie is never put on to a shirt with short sleeves and it isn't combined with braces.

And braces, in turn, aren’t worn with a belt. It is necessary to choose one thing.

The last stroke – footwear. To remember that at an official meeting brown boots will never make couple to a black, gray or blue suit – it is simple. Reserve pair of excellent brown shoes for sand suits, or dark green and other natural shades.

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