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Customers of the Bank

Customers of the Bank - the most important value of the Bank is its customers. The Bank’s success depends on maximum satisfaction of the customers’ needs.

The Bank steadily observes the principles of mutual cooperation and interested in establishing long term partner relations with the customers. Relationship with the customers is based on confidence, loyalty and mutual liabilities.

The Bank constantly develops and introduces new products, trends and operations, uses all possible resources to provide the most contemporary services for the customers which are complied with the highest standards of the banking service market.

The Bank treats and pays attention to the customers equally independently of a race, skin color, language, political and religious convictions, nationality and cultural traditions.The customers receive objective, transparent and reliable information concerning the Bank services, precise explanations and comprehensive advices.

The Bank protects interests of each customer, considers information received from the customer as confidential and gives this information the status of commercial and bank secret.

The Bank timely and attentively considers probable difficulties while working with the customers, constructively and quickly solves all issues.

Customer – a person who concluded Loan Agreement with the Bank, or Agreement on credit line/overdraft agreement/ factoring agreement/ leasing agreement/ guarantee agreement/ agreement on aval of bills or is a guarantor or collateral provider in virtue of these agreements, or is a person related to other Customer of the Bank.

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