John Maynard Keynes

John Maynard Keynes

Years of life: 1883 — 1946

Credo: Invest, but don't speculate.

Best-seller: "Economic consequences of the world" (1919).

Quote: "Investment — it’s prediction of profitability during asset life; speculation — it’s prediction of behavior of the market".

Principles. Though Keynes is known as an ancestor of the macroeconomic theory, he was also a great investor. In the 1920es the economist speculated much, winning on exchange rates and at commodity exchange. Then he switched to actions. Keynes tried to choose the companies with a good long-term outlook. In spite of the fact that he suffered almost full breakdown (in 1920, 1929 three times and 1937), John achieved the income in 16% a year from 1922 for 1946.

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