Contest the validity of agreements

Saturday, 29 November 2014 10:57
Contest the validity of agreements

Contest the validity of agreements concluded by the Customer without appropriate agreements with the Bank which influence on the Customer’s capability to fulfill obligations dually under the Contract  or pose risk to loss (impossible repossession) collateralized property, as a rule takes place in case of  fulfillment by the Customer (Collateral provider/Mortgage provider) of actions relating to alienation (transfer for rent, leasing, management, mortgage/collateral) of collateralized property without agreement with the Bank.

In case of detection of facts of violation by the Customers (Guarantors, Debtors) of conditions of the Contract and collateral agreements and if the mentioned violations are not voluntarily eliminated in order and term established by the Bank, Legal Unit of the Bank within 5 (five) days after having received all necessary materials sends a claim to the court for eliminating detected violations and declaring invalid  legal actions that violate the rights of the Bank as the Creditor and Collateral holder/Mortgage holder.

Order of appeal to the court concerning that issue is general. The main objective of the indicated action is to return to the state existed before the violation. 

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