Pre-trial debt collection (recovery)

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 20:25
Pre-trial debt collection (recovery)

Pre-trial debt collection (recovery) includes set of measures oriented to detection of potential bad and bad loan, finding out of causes of its occurrence, development of mechanism to prevent and implement set of measures oriented to voluntary debt repayment.

On this stage, the term of the past-due of the Customer on appropriate Bank accounts is not to exceed 30 (thirty) calendar days.

 Work with outstanding on this stage consists of:

  1. Detection of potential bad loan by monitoring of the current credit portfolio of the Bank, receiving of information from other structural units of the Bank/Branch, its consolidation;
  2. Preliminary analysis of the current situation and factors stipulated the potential bad loan by collecting detailed information, meetings with the management of the Customer/Owners, preliminary analysis of financial documents, monitoring of collateral, etc.;
  3. Initiation of measures on prevention of occurrence and decrease of potential bad loan amount, review of the current conditions of loan granting, etc.

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