Friedrich Engels

Friedrich Engels

Years of life: 1820 — 1895

Credo: Receive benefit from cheap work.

Influence: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Best-seller: "The provision of working class in England" (1844).

Quote: "Proletarians have nothing to lose, except the chains".

Principles. Engels was born in a rich family, was the successor of weaving mills and loved good life: champagne, hunting for foxes, guest-nights — and all this at withering critical relation to capitalism. He acted as the coauthor of "The manifesto of communist party" with Karl Marx in 1848 and financially supported the companion while that wrote his main work "Capital".

Invest like Engels. According to the theory of Engels, capitalists get profit on operation of workers. It is difficult to argue with it. Investments into business with low costs of work remain a good way to earn today. It is worth paying attention, for example, to McDonald's and Wal-Mart

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