Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

Years of life: 1755 — 1804

First U.S. Treasury Secretary (First secretary of Treasury).

Credo: The strong power conducts to financial stability

Nickname: Little lion.

Training: Hamilton managed to work as George Washington's aide-de-camp.

Best-seller: a banknote in $10.

Quote: "The nation which can prefer a danger shame, deserves to be under oppression of the despotic leader".

Principles. When America was an emerging market, Hamilton went on about need of responsible maintaining state finance. He knew that the strong centralized government is a necessary condition of economic growth. The lesson from the first head of the Ministry of Finance of the USA is simple: don't buy securities in developing countries with perfidious governors.

Invest like Hamilton. It is always possible to buy bonds of the U.S. Government. If you want to invest in the markets of other countries, it is necessary to find out at first about details of the local political and economic system.

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