David Tepper

David Tepper

Age: 56

Company: Appaloosa Management

Credo: The end isn't close: people and the markets adapt even for the worst.

Influence: Robert Rubin

Intuition of the investor. During panic at the beginning of 2009 I relied on Bank of America, Citigroup and AIG.

Quote: "I athem animal at the head of herd... Either I will be eaten, or I will get the most juicy grass".

Principles. I left Goldman Sachs in 1992 and I founded my own hedge fund. Investing in problem bonds, I became famous for prudent transactions in the conditions of high risks and misinformation. Tepper always paid attention to messages of the Ministry of Finance of the USA on providing the help to large financial institutions and in five years after crash of Lehman could bring profitability from investment into mortgage agency almost to 40%.

Invest like Tepper. Watch closely statements of heads of the Central Banks and persons who are responsible for fiscal policy. Hold the stocks Google and Citigroup while they aren't sold by Tepper.

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