George Soros

George Soros

Age: 12.09.1930

Company: Quantum Fund

Credo: Ignore obvious, stake on the unexpected.

Influence: Karl Popper

Intuition of the investor. He sold the British pound before its crash which followed after an exit from the mechanism of regulation of exchange rates of the European countries in 1992.

Principles. The Hungarian legend of the world of hedge funds and the expert on global macroeconomic is well-known for the intuition for change of exchange rates. In 2013 the rate against yen allowed him to become the most successful player on the Wall Street — Soros earned $4 billion. He makes the rates proceeding from his own social theory of "reflexivity" which assumes that investors pursue high prices and blow bubbles in the market.

Invest like Soros. His last large rate — the Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva. He also went a bull together with Karl Aykan against Bill Ekman attacking Herbalife business model.

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