Getty Greene

Getty Greene

Years of life: 1834 — 1916

Credo: Look for opportunities, concentrate on profit and count each coin.

Nickname: The witch from the Wall Street.

Quote: "Everything that you should do —to buy it cheap and to sell expensively, to work economical and perspicacious and to be persistent".

Principles. Green inherited $5 million at the age of 30 years, and by the time of the death in 1916 turned them into $100 million, having become the richest woman of the country. How? First, she was incredibly avaricious, refused to use hot water, to wash clothes and to provide the son with appropriate medical care. Secondly, she had the sharpest scent on good bargains, Green got profit from problem debts and the depreciated state bonds. She took shares only at the moments of a financial panic.

Invest like Green. She was able to earn 6% a year, she doubled the investments each 12 years. But also Green was able to catch up with indicators: BlackRock's Utility & Infrastructure Trust gives profitability in 7%, and Energy Transfer Partners an MLP – 6,6%.

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