Jeffrey Gundlach

Jeffrey Gundlach

Age: 54

Company: Doubleline Capital

Credo: The discipline wins against emotions.

Nickname: King of bonds.

Intuition of the investor. He declared crash of the papers provided with mortgages in 2007.

Quote: "At the time of serious recession in the market Beta eats Alpha".

Principles. After dismissal in 2009 from TCW Total Return Bond Fund ($12 billion under management) Gundlach revenged the former employer, having based DoubleLine Capital which accumulated already $50 billion funds from investors for today. The graduate of Dartmouth College, the expert in philosophy and mathematics, he possesses prudent mind, doesn't invest "with crowd", has no feelings to objects of investments. One more his quote about actions: "You have to be able to leave the old friends".

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