Karl Icahn

Karl Icahn

Age: 16.02.1936

Company: Icahn Enterprises

Credo: Loudly complain

Inspiration: Words of the hero of the movie "Wall Street" Gordon Gekko: "If you need a friend, take a dog".

Principles. Icahn reached a foreground on the Wall Street in the 80es, carrying out occupations of the unprofitable companies and ruthlessly cashing actions. Today he acts as "investor activist", but inside remained the same predator. His tactics looks so: to receive a minority package in the company bargaining at the exchange to demand a place in board of directors and to start acting aggressively in interests of shareholders. Management is usually not delighted, but actions go up.

Invest like Icahn. It is possible to take shares of his holding company Icahn Enterprises which grew quicker than the S&P 500 index since 2000 (22% against 4%). Among the largest investments — Apple and Chesapeake Energy, there’s a gas company which CEO Aubree McClendon was displaced from a position by Icahn.

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