Sir John Templeton

Sir John Templeton

Years of life: 1912-2008

Company: Templeton Funds

Credo: Buy when pessimists are around, and sell, when optimists are around.

Quote: "If you buy the same securities, like everybody, and results will be the same, as they have".

Principles. Templeton became famous as a convinced opponent to invest "crowd". He considered that the only good bargain at the exchange — to buy when all others sell. At the beginning of World War II when investors indulged in a panic, he acquired the shares of all companies bargaining cheaper than dollar and having listing in New York. As a result Templeton got profit practically from all investments. He one of the first saw benefits of diversification outside the USA — and global investment became his business card. Templeton’s ideas worked: $10 000 which he invested in fixed assets in 1954, by the time of his retirement in 1992 turned into $2 million.

Invest like Templeton. Called by his name Templeton Growth Fund continues to apply the strategy of sir John and for the last five years on average brings in the income in 18,3%.

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