Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

Years of life: 1898–1983

Company: T. Rowe Price & Associates

Credo: Take shares of the fast-growing companies on a long-term outlook.

Quote: "The majority of great fortunes are made by investment into the growing business and preservation of these investments irrespective of a situation".

Innovation. When Price opened the firm in 1937, he took the commission on the basis of the sizes of assets under management that was quite a radical step at that time, and today is the standard in sector.

Principles. Price looked for stocks of the companies with the income and dividends growing quicker than inflation and economy. Some actions are better than others, he considered, despite the standard opinion that the cost of papers fluctuates, following a business cycle.

Invest like Price. Growth Stock Fund started in 1950 and New Horizons started in 1960 are the oldest funds of the Price and still follow the strategy of growth put by the founder. In the last ten years both overtake the S&P 500 index.

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